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Slot Injector™ Aerator System for Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Plants

KLa Systems has recently completed our 30th MBR aeration system project using our Slot Injector™aeration technology. These plants are for industrial customers and although predominantly in the food & beverage sector, we have also supplied MBR aeration systems for leachate treatment, chemical, and petrochemical processing effluent.

Slot Injector™ aeration technology is ideal for MBRprocesses, as the injectors do not experience depressed alpha factors so that they continuously deliver high oxygen transfer rates in the concentrated biomass environment of the membrane bioreactor. Other important performance features are; flexible operation using DO feed back to VFD controlled pumps and blowers, for improved process control and optimum energy management.

Slot injectors are powerful hydraulic mixers and when run in the 2B jts mod - Copyanoxic mode, can maintain complete mixing conditions without air addition at MLSS concentrations in 8000-15,000 mg/l range, which is typical for the MBR process.  The injectors, distribution piping, and support system are fabricated of highly corrosion-resistant polypropylene, FRP, and stainless steel. When necessary the injectors can be cleaned out using our airlift back-flush system without the need to take the basin out of service. This key feature means the Slot Injector™ aeration system will maintain long term, trouble-free operation.


About Us:  KLa Systems is a company devoted to making the world’s waterways cleaner. We are an equipment supplier specializing in custom engineered mixing and aeration technologies for biological wastewater treatment processes. Our innovative jet aerationjet mixing, and Slot Injector™ systems for industry, water utilities, and municipalities can be found in effluent treatment plants around the world.  KLa Systems does not design the biological treatment process, instead we offer the oxygen transfer and mixing technology that makes the biological process better. We do this by working closely with industrial clients, water utilities, consulting engineers, design-build teams, and turnkey contractors to insure their conventional or advanced bioprocesses have an oxygen transfer system that is economical, reliable, and energy efficient.
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