KLa Systems, Inc. (“KLa”) is committed to conducting business in a manner that actively supports and ensures personal privacy. Our global privacy policies are amended to comply with the European Union’s General Information Protection Regulation 2016/679. We strive to implement these policies consistently. Employees are informed of and are expected to comply with these policies and applicable regulations.


Any company submitting or requesting information to KLa is asked to consent to the use of their information to generate a request for services/products or to obtain a KLa brochure. We collect information regarding your company such as email addresses, company name, phone number and contact person, and the characteristics of possible mixing or aeration projects. KLa’s ability to fully respond to your company’s requests is subject to your voluntary consent as indicated by selecting the box acknowledging the use, collection and storage of your information displayed on all Questionnaire forms and requests for downloadable material.


We may use information submitted to us to provide information about our products and services/products. Your company’s information may also be forwarded to our independent contractors. All private information submitted to KLa in any format is to be considered as communicated to and received by KLa in confidence. All personal information is submitted with the consent of the company to be used solely for services/products offered by KLa or an independent contractor, referred by KLa and not to be disclosed to outside parties unless described here. Information will be deleted or changed upon request by the company to the KLa Marketing Communications Manager.


All information submitted either through the website or through the available Questionnaires will be properly secured and protected against loss, misuse or unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. We cannot, however, despite our efforts, guarantee protection of your information against unauthorized disclosure, breach, loss or misuse. KLa will take proper and necessary steps to periodically destroy information if it is no longer needed for the reason it was supplied to KLa.

The KLa website uses cookies in order to improve the website, recognize visitors and maintain their login preferences and passwords. Cookies will automatically log your interaction with the website. Such information is used for convenience and the improvement of the website. If you do not wish to accept cookies on the website, please adjust the settings in your web browser.

Technical security for all information includes third party protections with firewalls, frequent backups of information, event monitoring, and external security audits are periodically conducted. From time to time, KLa may engage third party security consulting firms to review, test, and make recommendations to KLa. Any outside contractors in contact with KLa information are required to sign confidentiality agreements if they have access to confidential information.


KLa strives to maintain the accuracy of information submitted and in order to do so, may contact a company periodically for updates. A company that previously submitted information to KLa may contact the Marketing Communications Manager in order to correct information in KLa records, to remove information from KLa records, or withdraw consent for the use of information. A request to have the information changed or deleted may be sent to the Marketing Communications Manager via email to lkeane@KLasystems.com or by written request to P.O. Box 940, 31 Mill Street Assonet, MA 02702-0896.