Give The Gift Of Better Hydration This Holiday

The holiday season doesn’t just bring with it an increase of snowfall and good cheer. Along with annual office parties, family gatherings and yuletide merriment, there is often a dramatic increase in the amount of alcohol we consume.

“When researchers compare how much alcohol is sold to how much people say they drink, alcohol consumption is underestimated by anywhere from 30% in the U.S. to 80% in Australia,” according to The Conversation. “Special occasions such as holidays … make up much of that difference. How much a person drinks at a special event can vary quite a bit, adding an extra four drinks per week for men and three drinks per week for women.”

It can be challenging to resist the extra eggnog at this time of year. But for those looking for a healthier alternative, some festive additions to drinking water might be the best present of the season.

“Make yourself a bunch of batches of flavorful and refreshing, festive healthy infused water to keep you hydrated during the colder months and during holiday festivities,” Recipes To Nourish recommended. “We need that good ole water to keep us hydrated, but also to help our body detox and flush all of those indulgent foods out.”

For instance, cinnamon-pear infused drinking water can deliver the holiday spirit in a much healthier way. The recipe calls for two sliced and cored organic pears, along with two to three cinnamon sticks, washed and added to a large pitcher along with 30 minutes of steeping.

Or consider cranberry mint — another delicious take on holiday hydration. Just add a pound of fresh cranberries and a cup of fresh mint leaves into a large punch bowl of drinking water and let it steep.

And if you do give infused water a try this season, you might just find that it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

“Having infused water for an event or party is great, but you also need to remember to stay hydrated all the time,” Lipsey concluded.

Drinking water utilities, which consistently remind consumers that tap water is a safe, cheap and environmentally-friendly standby compared to bottled water, would love to see an increase in infused tap options as well.

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