Total System Responsibility

In order to optimize the performance of a jet or Slot Injector™ aeration system many industrial customers prefer that KLa Systems take total system responsibility.  A typical system consists of the slot Injector aerators, or jet aerators complete with in-basin piping system, back-flush system, liquid recirculation pumps and air blowers.  Other available components include the out-of-basin air and liquid piping system which includes stainless steel pipe, isolation valves, expansion bellows, supports and pressure gauges. 

The reason many of our customers prefer this scope of supply is to make sure the aeration system performs as designed with no excess pressure requirement or performance issues due to errors in piping system design or incorrect selection/configuration of pumps, blowers, valves and other components.  Due to our 30+ years of experience supplying these systems a customer is also assured that the rotating equipment selected is energy efficient, with a long service life and reasonable maintenance requirements.  The result is a Slot Injector™ or jet aeration/mixing system that provides greater than 20 years of optimum 24/7 performance. 

Please consider giving the KLa team Total System Responsibility for your next project.

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