Back-Flush Systems

Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) studies show that fine-pore diffusers have reduced oxygen transfer performance and increased pressure requirements over time due to clogging, and the biggest drop-off is in the first 24 months of operation.

It is not uncommon for these types of aeration systems to require frequent cleaning and replacement within the first five years of operation.

This is not the case with Slot Injector™ aerators or jet aerators, as they are available with an optional Back-Flush System that allows for cleaning out the injectors/jets without the need for basin drainage or to have an operator enter the basin.

Back-flushing these aeration systems is conducted essentially with an airlift pump, that reverses the flow through the inner injector/jet nozzle, resulting in a powerful air/liquid stream that clears trash and debris from the system. With much larger openings and self-cleaning capabilities, Slot Injector™aeration systems and jet aeration systems are known for long term reliable operation.

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