Water Industry World Records

You may have read recently that Orange County Water District (OCWD) and Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) set a Guinness World Record for the most wastewater recycled to drinking water in 24 hours. The record attempt kicked off on February 15th 2018 to mark the 10th anniversary since the districts’ Groundwater Replenishment System was launched and culminated with more than 100 million gallons per day (MGD) being produced.

It got us thinking about the other water industry-related world records that might exist out there. So we did a search of the word “water” on the Guinness World Records website and received 787 results. Now most of these had little to do with water and wastewater treatment but here’s a selection of the more interesting water industry-related records that we did find:

  1. Largest Water Desalination Company

The largest water desalination company is Saline Water Conversion Corporation (Saudi Arabia) which produces 1.215 Billion U.S. gallons per day as verified on 4 June 2016. The company also owns the largest desalination plant of Ras Al Khair with a daily production capacity of 273 MGD.

  1. Most Powerful Water Pump

The Nijhuis-HP1-4000.340 is the most powerful water pump in the world. It pumps at a rate of 60,000 litres per second and was made by Nijhuis Pumps in Winterswijk, Netherlands, in 2004.

  1. First Osmotic Power Plant

In November 2009, a prototype osmotic power station went online on the banks of the Oslo fjord in Norway. It generates power using osmosis between salt water from the sea and fresh water from run-off. The station’s initial capacity was around 4 kilowatts, enough to heat a large kettle.

  1. Largest Drinking Water Storage Facility

The Briman Strategic Water Reservoir located in Briman, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is the largest drinking water storage facility in the world. Verified on 17 November 2014, the facility is made up of eleven circular post-tensioned water storage tanks, each with a capacity of 187,500 cubic meters.

  1. Most People Washing Their Hands

At TBS Onikan in Lagos, Nigeria on 14 October 2011, 37,809 people washed their hands at the same time during an event organized by Lifebuoy Team and the federal government of Nigeria. The record was held to encourage children to wash their hands with soap and water to defeat diarrhea.

  1. Largest Pipe Valve Installation Without Interruption of Water Flow

An 8-foot 6-inch wide valve was installed on a water pipe, without interrupting the flow of water under pressure, in Kakogawa-shi, Hyogo, Japan on 28 February, 2005.

  1. Country Receiving the Highest Environmental Sustainability Index Score

Based on the Environmental Sustainability Index, ­ which measures a country’s water use, biodiversity and adoption of clean energies, Iceland is the greenest country, with a score of 93.5/100.

  1. First Underground Sewage Plant

Built between 1941 and 1971, the Henriksdal plant in Stockholm, Sweden was the world’s first underground, wastewater treatment plant. It involved the excavation of nearly 35,300,000 ft³ of rock.

  1. First Recorded Incident of Animal Poisoning Caused by a Freshwater Blue-Green Algal Bloom

This occurred in Lake Alexandrina, Australia, during the late 19th century. Following the development of a scum of Nodularia spumigena covering the lake surface, dogs, sheep, pigs, horses, and cattle all died after drinking water from Lake Alexandrina, Australia during the late 19th century. The blue-green algal species produces nodularin, a hepatotoxin, which causes blood to collect in the liver, in turn inducing circulatory shock and sometimes bringing about death by internal hemorrhaging.

  1. Most Steps Walked Down by a Dog Facing Forwards Balancing a Glass of Water on its Head

Sweet Pea, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie owned by Alex Rothacker walked down 10 steps while balancing a 5 oz. glass of water on her head at the Sport und Schau Show in Verden, Germany on January 5, 2008.